Provide your family in Bangladesh with quality healthcare

Ensure Your Family is an online platform which enables you to offer your familymembers access to quality healthcare.
Join our pilot and receive one free basic health check in Dhaka for one family member.

Introducing Ensure Your Family

The unpredictability of the financial hardships faced by your family in Bangladesh provides immense stress on you living abroad. Without continuous financial assistance often familymembers in Bangladesh are unable to pay for health services. 

Ensure Your Family supports you with providing your family in Bangladesh with quality healthcare


Our solution

We offer an online platform to send money to your family in Bangladesh and save for healthcare.


Transfer and save

Every time you send money via our platform, a fixed amount will be dedicated to health savings for your family members. In Bangladesh, this amount will be transferred to their health savings account. You can save for healthcare only.


Access to high quality healthcare

Your family member(s) in Bangladesh can use the health savings account to access selected high quality healthcare partners including hospitals, doctors and pharmacists. We aim to expand the healthcare options in the future.

How it works

After joining Ensure Your Family we will help you to allocate a sufficient health savings amount depending on the number of selected family members in Bangladesh.  When you send money via our platform to your family in Bangladesh this amount will be dedicated for health and will be transferred to a health savings account. The remaining amount (if any) will be transferred to a current account from a trusted bank in Bangladesh and can be used for daily expenses.

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Join our pilot

Receive a free basic health check* for one family member in Bangladesh when you sign up for our pilot

*offer available for the first 50 participants

By joining our pilot you will become a crucial factor in developing a successful healthcare product for families in Bangladesh.

At present we are in partnership talks with a trusted bank in Bangladesh. For the first 50 “early bird” registrations in our pilot we have partnered with Dutch SNS bank to manage the accounts –in anticipation of a final partnership with the bank in Bangladesh. 

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Our Partners


Enviu starts world changing companies that create environmental and social impact.


Cordaid is one of the largest development aid organizations in the Netherlands. 


SNS is one of the four main banks in the Netherlands, with a history dating back to 1817.


We closely cooperate with the Dutch Bangladeshi community via BASUG.

Meet our core team

Ensure Your Family is a joint venture between Cordaid -a major Dutch development NGO- and Enviu –an experienced creator of social enterprises.


Jeroen Pliester
Managing Director


Annemiek Stolk
Project Manager


Akis Voudigaris
Business Development


Kristian van Kalmthout
Product Development 


Business Development (Cordaid)